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The Unani system is a vast treasure house of medicines. But there was a time when treatment was mainly based on raw herbs, this was the beginning. As time passed the system made use of certain extracts, jawarishes, majoons etc. with recognised formulae. The Arab physicians rendered remarkable service to this cause. The Indians too did not lag behind and their contribution can be called no less important than that of the others.

But, whereas these conditions furthered the development of the system to a great extent, they also allowed certain spurious and superfluous formulations to creep in.

It then became vitally important to take utmost technical care, in the further development of Unani pharmacy. For this, the first and foremost task was to select, in the light of past and present experience, only the real and recognised medicines to suit modern man’s habits and temperament.

IC Unani accepted this challenge. Right from the start they were convinced that working blindly along the old lines was useless. A broader outlook was necessary for survival. The doors of search had been closed for the Unani system. IC Unani came forward to knock on these doors and opened them and entered an expansive world of discovery and research.

After ceaseless efforts and prolonged experiments IC Unani succeeded, through their vast pharmaceutical knowledge in making a remarkable selection of Unani formulations.

The first problem met with the manufacturing of Unani medicines was the variety of formulae given for one medicine in various pharmacopeias. Moreover, the details of processing proved hard to locate. IC Unani overcame these obstacles and after a good deal of research, collected widely recognised formulations, standerdised them and arranged them in proper order.

Apart for the recognised medicines, IC Unani has also launched some entirely new medicines. These are the result of sustained research by Hamdard laboratories and are today enjoying great faith and popularity in the country.

To maintain the highest standards of manufacturing IC Unani has set up one of the world’s largest Unani GMP and ISO 9001 certified laboratories. From raw materials to the finished products a check is maintained at each step of manufacture. This is done in quality control laboratory. The analytical laboratory chemically analyses all the raw herbs and medicinal materials. The process control laboratory keeps a vigil chiefly on medicinal herbs, including Cold C, during processing. In short every effort is made to see that a medicine from its raw form to the time it is taken by a patient does not lose its useful properties or becomes substandard.

The Managing Director of IC Unani, Mr. Muhammad Qureshi, takes personal interest in every stage of manufacturing and is ever vigilant about not permitting any substandard material to be used. Even administrative, financial and economic considerations are never allowed to come in the way of maintaining highest standard.

This is the reason why IC Unani medicines are so popular in the country as well as abroad and are used with such great trust.

IC Unani is  ISO 9001:2008 certified Unani company in India. All its products are FDA Approved and also approved by Govt of Maharashtra.

About Us

IC Unani is a dynamic organisation engaged in manufacturing and marketing of Unani & Ayurvedic formulations. The organisation has been promoted by Mr. Shahnawaz Qureshi.

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